Bert and Ernie

Admittedly, I never really watched Sesame Street while growing up. The handful of times I did watch, I felt like there was way too much character development that I had already missed out on and therefore, never really wanted to spend my precious summer mornings inside catching up on the season.

That said, now I have a toddler who can watch Sesame Street until the cows come home, who also owns countless stuffed Elmos and Cookie Monsters, and now a delightful kitchen play set complete with om-nom-noming characters.


I have observed a few episodes now and I assure you that I absolutely see the value in Sesame Street in early childhood development. From teaching letters, numbers and groundbreaking decisions such as sharing or not to share cookies, the characters all seem to have a way of showing children the right things to do and say.

There are two characters on the show however that have always rubbed me the wrong way, Bert and Ernie. No this isn’t the stereotypical, “I think they are gay therefore I think they are EVIL” feeling that most other uneducated and undermining, insensitive folk have. This is a feeling of, do they really fit the street quality that all the other characters do. I mean, Oscar lives in a trash can, Big Bird is a bird, and Elmo and the rest are just fuzzy little creatures stirring about. Come along Bert and Ernie, the two guys who definitely are not any type of creature you would find on the street, but are just weird ducks in their own right.

I’m not one to judge because I know I have my quirks, but Bert and Ernie just never seemed to fit the Sesame Street feeling.

That feeling was completely demolished today when I saw this video.

Bert and Ernie, you not only belong on Sesame Street, you are the most street of all of them.


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