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I thought it might be time to share my daily aural entertainment that keeps me focused while I work. Below are my top 9 can-not-miss podcasts that I listen to religiously. If you have any recommendations of your own, please leave a comment and tell everyone why we should have a listen.

320px_hollywood_babble_on_8385Hollywood Babble-On

The one podcast that I have listened to from the start and haven’t turned back. Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman turn Hollywood upside down and shake out the funniest news stories of the week. They basically “make fun their betters” as they say, but who is to say who is better than others in Hollywood. This one certainly isn’t for the kids though as it can sometimes make even the dirtiest thinker blush.

Check it out

Doug-Loves-MoviesDoug Loves Movies

Comedians unite to play movie related games. What else can really be said, it’s just plain funny. Doug Benson leads a pack of comedians as they pick apart movies and play movie trivia games. My most favorite recent edition has been the fact that “Mark Wahlberg” has been a pretty regular guest and he is everything I want Mark Wahlberg be.

Check it out



Scott Mosier (the ‘M’ in SModcast) and Nerdist’s Matt Mira strike up interesting topics related to TV, Food, Internet, Movies and Music. Come to think of it, they basically just shoot the breeze but in a very entertaining way as if to say what they have to talk about is the newest and coolest way to be a nerd.

Check it out

file_257781_0_AOW-356x356Art of Wrestling

For my indy wrestling fix. Colt Cabana, a Professional Wrestler, sits down and chats with other wrestlers discussing life on the independent circuit of wresting. Colt sporadically converses with current and former WWE stars comparing life in the big leagues to life on the road.

Check it out

steveaustinunleashed300x300Steve Austin Podcast

A swig of coffee for the working man, making money up in this b*tch. Another wrestling podcast in which former WWE Superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin sits down and discusses, well… basically anything he wants to because that’s the bottom line. He goes toe-to-toe with other current and former WWE superstars, referees, managers and promoters to discuss an assortment of topics.

Check it out


The dorkliest podcast on my list, but one of the best. Chis Hardwick leads a team of fellow podcasters discussing all things nerdy. He’ll sit down with Hollywood actors, producers, voice-over artists, video game makers, and comedians to discussing topics ranging from Dungeons and Dragons to politics.

Check it out

the-joe-rogan-experience-podcast-210x200Joe Rogan

A lengthy podcast I listen to for discovering weird news, MMA info, and celebrity/comedian interviews. The show can also be streamed on UStream and I believe is also available on Sirius XM. The Joe Rogan Experience show has a wide range of different guests from comedians, authors, actors, MMA fighters, entrepreneurs, and many more.

Check it out


The VERY FIRST PODCAST I ever listened to, and oh what a great one to start. Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier, aka the SModfathers, sit down and talk random news, which sometimes turns into a fanciful work of diving in deep and acting out these news stories, much like the old-time radio shows that I never grew up with. The result usually compiles into an hour long laugh fest.

Check it out

tumblr_static_jathumbsmallerIf I were you

The only advice podcast on the internet… hosted by Jake and Amir. These two have a generous fan backing stemming from their Jake and Amir series on and they play off of each other nicely. They answer insane questions that fans write in and their comical answers are what keep me coming back. It tends to get very real.

Check it out

Honorable mentions: Markin’ OutAdam CorollaWeekend ConfirmedWreslting with DepressionTell ’em Steve Dave

I used to listen to these a lot more often, but have since dropped a few episodes. Unfortunately the one and only video game podcast that I would like to listen to, Weekend Confirmed, is defunct. I am still looking for another good video game podcast that gives good all-around gaming news, reviews and updates.

Hopefully soon, there will be some podcast news of my own as Rosie Bridges and I are gearing up for our own podcast launch sometime in the near future. We are also planning additional podcasts stemming a wide range of topics, all we need is some time to talk.

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