Do you still Xanga? I’m going to start again.

I had a nice little trip down memory lane with Rosemary during a conversation we recently had about our old blogs. Back in the day, which was someday back in 2005, my crush (Rosemary, for clarity) introduced me to Xanga. I took to it rather quickly and used it mostly as a precursor to Twitter. The community grew quickly and it was filled with teen angst and drama. It was a fun time to be on the internet. When my crush had the time to comment on one of my blogs, I swooned immediately and lived for the little roller-coaster rush I would feel as I read through the comment time and time again.

At one point, Xanga had a tracking system that could tell you who was viewing your posts. I was completely oblivious of this until my face turned red when Rosemary told me about it. I must have looked like a complete stalker as I would spend hours reading over all of her blog posts just trying to dive into her mind and find out all about her.

I think that what made Xanga fun for us is that it was the perfect place to write about things on nights when you couldn’t go hang out, or if you were too angry to go out and wanted to write a very generic, passive-aggressive post to get your feelings out there about a certain someone.

As Facebook and Twitter came to take over the “status update” posting abilities, Xanga took more of a long-form writing blog and that’s what killed my writing. I was addicted to the micro blog posts. It was convenient and super easy to get my opinion out there.

However, now that I look back, I miss expressing myself.  I miss the feeling of pushing the button to post and waiting until I received notification that someone was reading it, or commented. I think mostly, I miss the interaction. Of course, I can easily post to Twitter and Facebook and receive almost instant gratification, but I think with this long-form writing, I will receive a deeper and more profound sense of accomplishment when I see my real-time Google Analytics jump up a couple of numbers or when I eventually get a comment.

As things progress here in the Bridges household, I am now making the choice to blog more than sporadically, and on more than just one blog. So welcome back to my Xanga, which is now located on my shiny little WordPress-backed website. I hope I don’t get all teen-angsty on you.

p.s. Since Xanga was, and I guess still is, a blogging community, leave your blog in the comments below and I’ll throw them into a brand new blogroll widget on the sidebar of the site, and I promise to visit and read all about you.
edit: p.p.s. I was told by my super-blogger spouse that I needed to explain that this post was not sponsored by Xanga and the views expressed in my blog are mine and mine alone. Any questions, see my disclosure.

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