Hit the road Jack… err, uhm… Dave.

We hit the road again. Back out in the wild to ravage another water park. This first day certainly has been “fun”. Today, was mostly a prep day for tomorrow and some future trips. It’s a long and complicated story, and I don’t want to throw anyone under a bus today, so I’ll be vague.

We signed up for a deal, to go see a deal, in order to get two more deals. Sound complicated? Ha!

We’ll it turns out this deal for today was a bit miscommunicated (they lied) to us and we had some disappointed kids with us today. However, I made a phone call earlier this evening that will put the little ones hearts to rest and fill them with anticipation. Tomorrow, we hit the waterpark and we hit it hard. I can only hope we can cram two full days in before we head back to the daily grind.

We all needed this getaway, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let a little miscommunication stand in our way.

A Dad thing I can relate to.

These guys put my own lyrical changes that I usually come up with while driving to shame. All that I’ve been able to change while Frozen is playing in the back seat of the car is during the song “Love is an open door”.

Our mental synchronization, Can have but one explanation

I’ll change to

Our mental synchronization helps control the pet population

It makes no sense at all, but in my defense, I’ve still never seen Frozen all the way through and at this point, it’s almost unbelievable that I haven’t seen it all.