You want some podcast recommendations?

I thought it might be time to share my daily aural entertainment that keeps me focused while I work. Below are my top 9 can-not-miss podcasts that I listen to religiously. If you have any recommendations of your own, please leave a comment and tell everyone why we should have a listen.

320px_hollywood_babble_on_8385Hollywood Babble-On

The one podcast that I have listened to from the start and haven’t turned back. Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman turn Hollywood upside down and shake out the funniest news stories of the week. They basically “make fun their betters” as they say, but who is to say who is better than others in Hollywood. This one certainly isn’t for the kids though as it can sometimes make even the dirtiest thinker blush.

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Doug-Loves-MoviesDoug Loves Movies

Comedians unite to play movie related games. What else can really be said, it’s just plain funny. Doug Benson leads a pack of comedians as they pick apart movies and play movie trivia games. My most favorite recent edition has been the fact that “Mark Wahlberg” has been a pretty regular guest and he is everything I want Mark Wahlberg be.

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