A Dad thing I can relate to.

These guys put my own lyrical changes that I usually come up with while driving to shame. All that I’ve been able to change while Frozen is playing in the back seat of the car is during the song “Love is an open door”.

Our mental synchronization, Can have but one explanation

I’ll change to

Our mental synchronization helps control the pet population

It makes no sense at all, but in my defense, I’ve still never seen Frozen all the way through and at this point, it’s almost unbelievable that I haven’t seen it all.


Take me out to the ballgame…

I simply had to commemorate this occasion. It’s not everyday that I get to take the family out to the world’s greatest ballpark. When we go however, we do it in style. Rosemary donned her “Respect Wrigley” shirt and plaid Cubs hat. I wore my 100 Anniversary Game throwback Federals jersey, and my Cooperstown hat. Ralphie wore his Cubs onesie that we’ll likely have to retire now that it is getting to small. We had to get Gabe a new Jersey because we were lacking on Cubs apparel in the wee-man size.

Gabe took the liberty of having a mini batting helmet full of ice-cream for lunch and Ralphie had his fair share of a Lemon Ice. Both kiddos finished their treat early on in the game. We also made a couple stops at Clark’s Clubhouse to visit Clark and to sign the guestbook.

Surprisingly, the kiddos seemed to enjoy much of the game and sat in their seats fairly well behaved all day long. We kept them entertained otherwise with phones, snacks and in the case of Ralphie, a nice 45 minute nap.

After the game we were able to let Gabe run around the bases of Wrigley field thanks to the Kids-Run-the-Bases Sundays. Last year he needed a little assistance as he was only two and didn’t really grasp what he needed to do. This time, he did it all by himself and with his own style which included not touching any bases and cutting off a couple kids by inching into the infield grass.

We ended our day with a meal at Epic Burger which is going to have to try a little harder to convince me of it’s name, and a car ride home consisted of Finding Nemo playing in the back for the kids to stay awake long enough to get home and go right to bed.

The photos below grasp our day very well.