Just another normal trip to the grocery store

Ran out to K-Mart to pick up some last minute essentials. Turns out I saved $23 on this haul. True story.

The jerky wasn’t for me, it’s actually for a gathering my brother is hosting. I just figured that this wasn’t quite the common thing that I normally see in the shopping cart. This is probably more accurate:


Well it looks as though I finally got around to working on my own website again. As of 9/14 it’s still a WIP, but more of the features I want included are there. Now, it is time to generate a plethora of content. Expect to see a lot of what I find to be interesting things on the internet and I’ll sometimes throw in a few web tips for designers or marketers. Mostly I want to use this as a personal sound board to express things that I wouldn’t normally express on places like Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.  I’m more than happy to have you visiting and reading from time to time and would love to see you comment on things that you find interesting as well.

Here’s to looking positively into a bright and sunny future of blogging and more interaction with all of you. Thank you!